At Home in the World

The Seychelles, to the discerning, luxury traveler is synonymous with the world’s most beautiful islands and beaches. As nature intended – it’s one of the world’s best-kept secrets and ranks amongst the purest destinations anywhere. So pure indeed, that the second largest island, Praslin, was once thought to be the Garden of Eden. Now, surrounded by the world’s most pristine beaches, framed by primeval forests and brilliantly clear ocean waters, it is home to the legendary Raffles. An extraordinary setting for 14 exceptional villas with superlative views of the Indian Ocean—Raffles Estates. Truly, paradise reborn.

In keeping with the Raffles brand promise to bring our residents endlessly enchanting experiences, Raffles has created a new suite of premium branded hospitality services to complement the legendary Raffles brand of hotels and resorts. Each is designed to enrich lifestyles by bringing the essence of Raffles beyond the doors of our hotels and into the home.

A private residence that is magnificent in every detail, with that special ambience drawn from the inimitable Raffles style. Often within the premises of a mixed-use resort or hotel, one can also enjoy the finest facilities of a Raffles resort at the doorstep. Only for the privileged who believe in living life extraordinarily, living life at its best.

This is the ultimate experience for those empassioned to enjoy the privileges of a Raffles lifestyle and the pleasures of an elevated scale of luxury, yet with full private ownership. Raffles Estates seeks out the most spectacular expanses of land suited to the grandest villas and mansions, fully customized to your own personal vision, and offering vistas and environment that only the world´s most exotic locations accord.